When Matache Măcelaru’ meat R+B…

When Matache Măcelaru’ meat R+B…

TL; DR None faked. Both parties were delightfully satisfied in the process.

Let’s cut it short. Matache Măcelaru’ was going through a rebranding process and needed to build awareness around its new poisitioning and products.

Since we served the digital slice, we sharpened our knives, tapped into our creative chops and delivered an online platform that reinforces Matache Măcelaru’s undisputed expertise on cold cuts and meat specialties through a combination of modern ingredients and traditional taste.

Cut to

The platform’s concept was to put Matache Măcelaru’s craft at the forefront by taking users in the background story of his products. Enter Matache Măcelaru’s Online Grocery Shop, where users interact with the all-knowing butcher.

We reinforced Matache’s craft by building an entire universe around him, from the platform’s tone of voice, to the video content about ingredients, techniques and personal philosophy. And now Matache Măcelaru’ is prepared to cleave through the competition. You can follow his progress on www.bacanialumatache.ro




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