The #SUPERSOCIAL platform by Superbet and Rusu+Borțun encourages Romanians to win the match with 2020

The #SUPERSOCIAL platform by Superbet and Rusu+Borțun encourages Romanians to win the match with 2020

Superbet, the well known leader of the sports betting market in Romania, and Rusu+Borțun sign and launch a brand new campaign that encourages us to keep our enthusiasm and fight together with the challenges of the moment.

Superbet was there, from the beginning, with the people from the front line of the fight against COVID-19, but also with sports enthusiasts for whom it created a new meeting place: the very first dedicated social platform in Romania.

With a specific tone to sports fans, our new Superbet campaign addresses all Romanians with an optimistic message, and at the same time urges involvement and responsibility, so that Romania can play and win the match with 2020.

We imagined the fight against the virus as a difficult match that each of us must win in his own way

“A year ago we presented and won the local pitch of strategy and creation. At the beginning of the year, we were doing the first regional projects, and for the past several months we have been working globally for Superbet. We have a very dynamic client and the relationship grows accordingly. From the first campaign when we launched the platform Together we are super!, we talked about the lives of people who make Superbet a leader in the sports betting market. It’s all about sportsmanship, about motivation, and fighting. Two weeks ago, the cases of Covid19 had started to rise again, fear was sweating in society. And we imagined the fight against the virus as a difficult match that each of us must win in his own way. This requires encouragement, not just threats, positive energy passed from person to person. Along with its ambassadors, sports champions with a role in society, Superbet as a leading brand in the field of sports is able to scream out loud this message of encouragement” says Cătălin Rusu (Chief Creative Partner & CEO Rusu+Borțun).

The urging comes from some highly remarkable figures, recognized for their performance in sports and beyond: Bogdan Stelea, Virgil Stănescu, Mihai Leu, Ilie Dumitrescu, Cătălin Moroșanu, Vali Moraru, and Ana-Maria Brânză. All these protagonists give us the confidence that together we can be great, even when times are tough.

“To believe in our chance and to work for it should be our motto in whatever we set out to do in our lives. As a former professional athlete, I know how important the values we believe in and the winning mentality in any challenge are. I am glad that together with Superbet I can continue to send to the Romanians, even if I am outside of the the playing field, the same messages of self-confidence and optimism that together we will get through this confrontation with another type of opponent” states Ilie Dumitrescu.

Superbet adapted its communication messages to this difficult period that all sports lovers felt during the pandemic, but without forgetting the most important thing that brings its community together: the shared joy of the game and victory.

“The last Superbet campaign comes as a continuation of this year’s image campaigns which had as stake the translation of the leadership position in business in communication through the messages sent to Romanians. Superbet promoted responsible behavior during the lockdown and showed us how well-known athletes in Romanian sports have fun and enjoy the magic of the game… at home. We passed the shared joy of the sport, of the victory, of the feeling that you belong to a larger community that experiences the same emotions along with you. We encouraged the community of sports lovers to be part of the magic of the game and to get involved. And now, also for them, we are launching for the first time the first social platform dedicated to those who play their passion for sports every day”, says Vlastimir Vukadinovic (Global Marketing Director at Superbet).

And this is nothing new. Since this March, Superbet has acted in line with its super values and donated 1 million Romanian Lei to the health system. This happened at a time when medical professionals needed the most basic equipment and materials.

“Part of a leader’s DNA is involved in community issues. Starting from the motto Together we are super! we came to the aid of the vulnerable since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, we were actively involved in the protection of doctors and patients and we donated protective equipment and biocides that reached 35 hospitals in Romania. In addition, we stayed with all the sports lovers that urged them to stay at home and do sports just keeping their social distance, but at the same time, we offered them the support of a community. The campaign we are launching sheds even more light on the power of each of us to be super”, states Augusta Dragic (President of the Superbet Foundation).

In business terms, this year, the campaigns carried out by Superbet, which also owns the most downloaded mobile sports application in Romania, have generated a 7% increase in customers only in the past month. How cool is that?

Also, starting with August, the online business division of Superbet has doubled its user base compared to the same period last year.

Together we really are super!


Here’s the #SuperSocial manifesto:

Let’s bet on the good. Let’s be a superteam.
Let’s not give up after all this supereffort! Let’s win every day! Let’s pay superattention. Let’s follow the rules. Let’s live by our hearts!
Let’s superbelieve in our chance and work for it! Let’s superfight for millions of Romanians!
Let’s be superresponsible! Let’s get involved!
Let’s win this difficult match together. Romanians, let’s be super!

Superbet. Together we are super!

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