The Magic Feeling of #Supersport

The Magic Feeling of #Supersport


Superbet needed a campaign to promote their full range of live betting markets covering Romania’s most popular sports. At its core, the brand stands for making sports accessible to everyone: everybody can get involved in the action, everybody can feel the passion for an exciting game. As a proof, the Supersocial platform of the brand is the world’s first betting app that has a Social Media component. All under the communication tagline ”Together we are Super.”



When you bet on a game, the experience of watching it becomes more intense: you feel the thrill of it as if you were one of the actual players.


The viewers can immerse themselves in the magic world of sports, becoming one with the player, part of the team, right in the middle of the action. This is the reason the entire commercial was shot from a person’s POV. Be it football, tennis, basketball or handball, you are right there, in the moment, so much more than enjoying the game: being in it.

This is the Magic Feeling of #Supersport.













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