The future image of Trutzi crafted by Rusu+Bortun in the latest communication campaign

The future image of Trutzi crafted by Rusu+Bortun in the latest communication campaign


Trutzi is the leader of the Romanian iron market and in 2018 the company started a
rebranding campaign. Through the new brand positioning we decided to create an image
campaign to generate awareness, consideration and trial.



Based on the communication strategy, we proposed to consolidate the brand’s expert
promise and to portray the “iron craftsmen” through what they do, not only through what they
tell about themselves.  The main purpose became the generating of credibility through the
Trutzi brand, through products and services, in order for the campaign’s main message to
very clearly highlight the brand’s benefit: creator of durability.


Because iron’s durability in time represents a category benefit, we personalized in our case
by its association with Trutzi’s craftsmen and their expertise. Thus, these we created a
complementary relationship between the manifesto spot -whose purpose was the craftsmen
portraying – and the engagement campaign – whose purpose was the target’s involvement
in the deepening of the products’ strength benefit.
Through the manifesto video we encouraged the target to “build durability” by modelling in
iron values, objects, persons, etc, that they would want to have forever in their lives.

The iron letters used in the campaign messages were produced for real and the
personalized graphics generated by the campaign participants was available for download in
the shape of a Facebook cover, artwork for t-shirts and poster.

The strategy brought results, the campaign surpassing its set objectives in media and the
content performance.  75% of those who reached the campaign’s page took part in the
activation and modeled and downloaded iron words. The campaign page wireframe
encouraged viewers to see Trutzi’s works gallery, therefore almost all of them chose to go
further in the online shop. Moreover, the time spent on the website by each visitor was that
of 3 minutes, which represents in itself a very good performance.

Read more about it here.


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