Superbet – Bucuresti 1930 campaign is worth a Silver Prize

To celebrate this half year of local creativity, ADC selected some of the best works and we are happy to announce that Superbet – Bucuresti, 1930 campaign received a Silver Prize.

Check here for more details.

Superbet is a brand with sport in its DNA. So the celebration of the World Football Championship came only natural. So close with its heart and so far apart, as this year Romania will not be participating at the Championship with its national team.

While most Romanian love football more than any other game, people from around the country should be able to enjoy the game through the Superbet digital platform.

To dramatise this we remember the first participation of Romania at the World’s Football Championship in 1930, developed under the symbol of games, with the typical good life from the era and based on analogies with other games from the digital casino.

Check out this link to also see the rest of the work we’ve done last year for Superbet:

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