Liliac Wines: The reinterpretation of a Transylvanian story

Liliac Wines: The reinterpretation of a Transylvanian story


Liliac is one of the most recent and well known wine cellars situated in the heart of Transylvania, in the region of Lechinta. The investment, initiated in 2010, reinstates the long-standing tradition of producing white wines, so specific to the area. 


Liliac wine cellar had repositioned itself on the market as being the modern wine of Transylvania. For this reason, it needed a new communication strategy to go with its new façade, both for the Social Media channels, as well as for its Website.


We began developing the communication strategy by flipping the coin on the presumed downsides of the brand and showing why and how these are actually the main selling points. 

The website includes the ecommerce branch, so its importance derives from this, as well as from being one of the main platforms of communication. We made use of animations to present the content, so that the visuals reaffirm the identity of the brand: an innovative and modern wine cellar despite its location in one of the most traditional areas of Romania. 


The website’s content flows just like wine: a fresh and savory stream of information that begins with the brand’s storytelling and its products, diving next into the brand experience and winding up in stories about its community. 


For Facebook, we developed the communication strategy by tapping into the advantages offered both by the size of the cellar and its location. In this way, we made out of the boutique-cellar a subject matter in itself, as we did with the customs carried through centuries by the Transylvanian heritage.


Carrying the same differentiation practice into the strategy developed for Instagram, we decided to enchant the public by disrupting the usual tone of wine talking and present the brand in a casual and friendly way. What we did even more is democratize wine drinking for women in a manner no other cellar did before: a non-occasion wine to be enjoyed whenever one feels like embodying the joie de vivre. Who said anyone needs a real reason to sip on a good glass of wine? 


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