Let’s make voting great again – #VoteInRomania with Europa FM

Let’s make voting great again – #VoteInRomania with Europa FM

As we told you here, Europa FM wanted to have a say this season in the context of the Romanian parliamentary elections which take place at the start of December. An objective radio station, with no political partis pris, Europa FM is the most unbiased voice in a time frame when media becomes noisy.

Therefore, part of the Choose differently (#AlegeAltfel) campaign, we created an eye-catching parallel between the elections everyone was following, namely the US presidential ones, and the Romanian parliamentary ones.

For the first time in recent history, the situation the Americans found themselves in seemed more complicated than the one Romanians have to face. Phew!

What we did

We juxtaposed controversial statements of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, suggesting that Americans have a tricky choice to make on November 8th.

Europa FM wanted to send Romanians a lighthearted message thriving on schadenfreude, encouraging them to go vote in December, as their pick is far easier to make than in the US.


Visually, for each quote of the Republican or Democrat candidates, we borrowed the style of their campaigns, to which we added Europa FM’s signature.

The quotes were heavily distributed in online and got loads of shares, comments and reactions. We’re proud to announce that we got featured on AdWeek, Ads of the World, Coloribus, Advertolog, Wirtualnemedia, Bored Panda, Politics Forum, IAA Romania, IQAds, WeInvent.ro.

Oh, wait! There’s more.

The follow-up

As the campaign was launched before the US vote, we reacted real-time with a follow-up that relied on the election results. We created another visual which showed the percentages obtained by Clinton & Trump.


The shock factor is represented by the popularity vote which Clinton won, although Trump is the new President elect. The copy, once again, notices that Romania doesn’t have an Electoral College System, so the actual vote of the people will win.

Our advice: keep calm, carry on and #VoteInRomania on December 11th!


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