Buckle your seatbelts, we’re on for the Golden Drum finale!

Buckle your seatbelts, we’re on for the Golden Drum finale!

The four of them, Catalin, Marc, Miruna and Marius are proudly representing the Rusu+Borțun legacy across the Golden Drum Festival in Slovenia. Enthusiast, confident and vulnerable as always, they went off to absorb the trendiness in all that matters to advertising. Their adventure started with four of our hand-made projects, that are very dear to us: Primus fix up for Patru Mâini, Education without interruption for United Way, The car-truck-van-bus-tractor for Țiriac Energy and Virgin Norman for Apollo 111 Theater.

four jolly people, 2018, B&W.


October 17th, the shortlists are announced. Two projects moved forward and entered Golden Drum’s shortlist:

Primus fix up is on the shortlist for Reach and

Education without interruption is on the shortlist for Print!

All fingers crossed for our team! May the jury odds be ever in your favor!

The Primus Fix Up @ Patru Mâini is about how a small community of devoted hard-working handymen wanted to show support for a protest that fights dishonest decisions. #honestynotrobbery. Read more here.

The mission of Education without interruption @ United Way is to raise awareness about underprivileged children, to encourage them to continue their education. To interrupt school is to interrupt a career. Read more here.


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