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Equatorial: Gamification as web design


Equatorial is a training company that provides transformational programs and consulting at individual, team and organisational level. They are most known in Romania for developing training programs based on the concept of gamification. In order to promote their business and their unique concept, they needed a new website.


Learning through gamification is believed to be a more efficient method than the traditional ones. By associating the training program with an interactive element, the employees are much more receptive to the information received as they see it as a pleasant activity, rather than something mandatory.

We, at Rusu+Bortun, are aware that an interactive process will also have a bigger retention rate, especially on a website.


As gamification is the main learning concept of the platform we’ve adapted it so the end-user could experience it from the first moment: we’ve transformed the offer proposal into a game itself.

To get the full gaming experience we took a holistic approach by redesigning both the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI).

The User Experience was adapted to the most appealing aspect of the games: the reward in the form of high scores. On the site, for each answer, you get points that are transformed at the end into a discount.

As for the User Interface, the landing page was designed by offering the next level sensation.

Start and play the

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