Changing the folk-tale: behind the identity for Free Miorita

Changing the folk-tale: behind the identity for Free Miorita

Iulian Angheluta is a man with a plan. Through his adventures, he encountered several villages in Romania with no electricity whatsoever. He set up an NGO, aimed at solving this exact problem, as authorities hadn’t been doing anything to help. According to official data,

“100,000 households in Romania, a member state of the European Union since 2007, lack electricity. These houses, often located in remote mountain regions and inhabited by impoverished families, are not connected to the existing national electricity grid.”

Free Miorita started with a clear thought in mind: how to make a direct impact in small communities, by challenging an embedded national mentality of “whatever happens, works”.

Here’s where we pop into the picture: we rolled up our sleeves and set up the brand strategy, from naming to logo and its communication tools.


“Miorita” (The Little Ewe) is an old Romanian pastoral ballad, emblematic for the national folklore. It tells the tale of three shepherds, all from different regions around the country, who meet while looking after their flocks. An enchanted ewe of the Moldavian tells its master that the other two are plotting to murder him and steal his goods. Instead of stopping them, the shepherd accepts his destiny and only creates an alternate story of his death he asks the ewe to tell others about him.

As the actions of the NGO were targeted at improving the rural life, we wanted for the syndrome of resigning in front of the faith to disappear completely. The NGO is lively, pro-active and doesn’t back off when it encounters difficulties along the way. Therefore, this is how we should escape the fatalist spirit of Miorita. So Free Miorita was born: Miorita is a fairy-tale and it should stay one, rather than evoke a present state.

Along with it, we created an accompanying logo, simple, yet striking, featuring the afore-mentioned little ewe.



The logo is prominently featured on the NGO goodies, proudly worn by its supporters and helpers.



Lumina pentru Ursici

Lumina pentru Ursici (Light for Ursici) was one of the major actions developed by Free Miorita. Ursici is a remote village in the county of Hunedoara, which encompasses 15 households a.k.a. 50 people, mostly elders, with no type of electricity available to them. Free Miorita launched an ambitious campaign to raise money and install solar panels for all households. We contributed with creating posters for the campaign, featuring a quirky character: half-shepherd, half-cat, suggesting the feline’s excellent night-vision.


Help someone to be able to see after the sun sets. They’re probably one of the 51 inhabitants of Ursici who live without electricity.

The campaign was a success and attracted the support of many bloggers and institutions who were willing to help, and now, the Free Miorita projects are ongoing at a national level, under the big umbrella of Lumina pentru Romania (Light for Romania). Only recently, the NGO has caught the attention of important media outlets, such as a great feature on Al Jazeera.

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It brings great joy for us to back up projects with such a noble core, and you can help support the actions of Free Miorita by redirecting 2% of your taxes towards the NGO here.


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