The Philanthropists

You don’t have to be rich in order to help

Patru Mâini is a construction materials producer who is donating a percentage of it’s Primus brand sales for the renovation of schools and kindergartens in the communities where the materials were bought.

The company’s message is Help in order to enjoy help but, when people hear about help, they think about donating their own money. It sounds like philanthropy and is considered the privilege of the rich. We had to make them understand that, in this case, anyone can help just by buying Primus products when renovating.

In order to democratize the philanthropy idea, we created a series of print executions where simple craftsmen are featured in philanthropists-inspired pictures. And the messages completed the visual idea: You don’t have to be the Doge of Venice, an Austrian Archduke or a big American industrialist in order to help.

The campaign is on going, raising money for the communities in all the country. And the Archduke is featured in Lurzer’s Archive Magazine, issue 1/2016.