Superbet | The Comeback

Superbet, the Romanian betting company, wanted to prove on the Polish market their “super” character. Their mobile app, fitted with lots of cool features, was the subject of the campaign they wanted. Superbet’s attention is directedtowards the customers’ feelings when using the app, betting and talking about sports.


The “superness” of betting comes from the supporters’ great experiences. Displaying emotionsto their fullest is what makes sports exciting.


Superbet’s “The ComeBack” commercial focuses on the customers’ relationship with the endorsers and the pro players. While empathizing with their fans, they maintain a sense of participation even if they are training, playing or winning. The user of the app is seen as a “supercolleague” without whose support the games and races are incomplete. Feeling and understanding the hardships that come before victory, the fan lives the experience at its most intensity. The app helps create a real connection with anyone’s favourite players. The commercial ends with the much awaited celebration by those in sports clothing and those still in pyjamas. Being “super” is as easy as it can get with the Superbet app.