Superbet | SuperSocial

Superbet needed a campaign that can show all the impressive features of the SuperSocial platform within its mobile app. The brand focuses its attention around the “togetherness” value of sports and betting. The app is the first one of its kind in the world that has social media features. This gives every passionate fan of sports the opportunity to communicate with their role models and friends.


Just as sports, betting is better in a team, together. The supporters prefer to enjoy the excitement of a game by connecting with each other and joining their emotions.


The SuperSocial commercial shows everything that can happen in the app and in real life during the night of a match. By displaying the energetic football universe, the viewer is captivated without question. The dynamics and liveliness are catchy and give the feeling of unity. It is made clear that taking part in the game can mean anything from actually playing to discussing it, sharing impressions and betting. We see how the brand ambassadors are present in the lives of the football fans through the app, making every event feel closer than ever. The commercial focuses on sharing experiences and being surrounded by others just as passionate as you.

All because we have the power when we are together.