SUPERBET | SuperPassions


Superbet, the leading betting company in Romania, wanted a campaign focused on passions, on the ”second life” of people, besides their daily jobs. For this, we had to use the Superbet Endorsers (ex-players, coaches, sport journalists).



Betting is one of the passions people have, the one that completes their personality. Just like any passions that sport celebrities have.


We showed the #SuperPassions of our SuperEndorsers in order to encourage the customers to live their extra passion: betting & sports.

As you can see in our series of commercials, we have dreamed of taking Italian language lessons with the legendary Florin Răducioiu since the 90’s and we finally did it. The former kickbox star Cătălin Moroșanu proved to be quite an expert tour guide for Bucharest and Daniel Pancu showed off his barber skills. Betting on your #SuperPassion is Super!