Superbet | Superfans


Some of the games from UEFA EURO 2020 championship were played in Bucharest. The Romanian football fans had the opportunity to watch live on the stadium the greatest European competition.

Superbet wanted a campaign dedicated to the Romanian supporters based on the Togetherness value of the brand.


The history of football is the history of the supporters emotions. Joy, excitement, anticipation. A passionate journey that every football fan would recognize.


The new Superbet commercial is an ode dedicated to them, the Romanian Superfans, and tells their emotional story: it begins in 1984, when they could watch the evolution of Romanian team at UEFA EURO games only on TV (more exactly, catching the Bulgarian television transmission); next, in 1996, when, they watched and cheered for the legendary team led by Hagi; then, we see moments from the 2000 and 2016 EURO championships, when the national team was present. And the commercial culminates with this year’s championship where, for the first time, the football fans could enjoy the beauty of the game standing on their seats at the games played on National Arena.