Superbet Global Rebranding Manifesto


A video campaign was needed for the special occasion of the global rebranding project we did for Superbet, the online betting company. A campaign that should show the story of the brand evolution, from a local player to an international powerhouse, using a sport narrative.



The success story of Superbet is similar to the one of a football superstar: from the humble beginning to the trials of a demanding sport career to the ultimate stardom.



We followed the Netflix recipe of a binge-worthy series and created SuperDavid – a thrilling story told in three episodes about the evolution of David, a footballer who starts his career at a small club and, through talent and ambition, becomes a major player in the big leagues. Thrills, attempts, spectacular goals, turns of fate, cliffhangers and a never-ending passion for sport ”make great TV”. A proper metaphor for the evolution of Superbet. After the three-part series, a video manifesto summed up the whole story like a match recap.