Shift + Lives


There are over 800.000 disabled people living in Romania. Many of them can and want to work, but need a helping hand in order to by-pass their barriers and amplify their unique abilities within a workplace.

ING Tech, the company providing programming solutions to the global network of ING Bank, supported a nation-wide survey to find out more about the lives and daily challenges of people with sight deficiencies, schizophrenia, autism and Down syndrome. It was just the beginning of a bigger project, part of their CSR commitment, that continued in the form of a social innovation program. The purpose of this program was to discover digital solutions which can enable the aforementioned people to work and better integrate into society.



The first step we took was to name the program. The chosen proposal was Shift + Vieți (Shift + Lives), which added a tech-related theme (a keyboard shortcut that makes stuff easier and faster) to the mission of changing disabled people’s lives for the better.

Since our main challenge was to make the program attractive for volunteers who had the skills but lacked the drive to join such an initiative, we thought about a way to tap into their egos in order to boost action. To get there, we planned on showing how they could feel and be perceived if they join the cause, comparing them to some already famous life-shifters.


1. Digital communication campaign

We created a series of visuals showing three historical figures known for their enormous impact on society: Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr. and Marie Curie. In order to express the “this could be you” message, we gave the three a modern twist, placing them next to the modern amenities of a tech office. Einstein is writing on a smart board, a sneaker-wearing MLK is hosting a stand-up (not the comedy type, but the kind of meeting popular in software development companies) and Marie Curie looks like she just ALT-TAB-ed her Facebook feed for a more work-related screen image. Having added the “It’s your turn to change the world” headline, we made it clear that with the right skills and the help of technology, anyone can make a shift for the better and feel just like any of the three.

All visuals were transformed into web and social media banners that linked to the program’s website.


2. Contextualized OOH

We’ve used the available advertising space in the Piața Muncii subway station, which translates as Labour Market, and created a billboard that integrates the station’s name in our campaign message: “Open the Labour Market for disabled people”.

3. Internal communication campaign

Since ING Tech is home to a few hundred engineers with skills that could be useful for the project, we’ve also developed an internal communication campaign. It consisted of a series of posters displaying a rather uncomfortable truth that puts things in a different perspective: the job-related things you normally complain about are actually aspirations for the disabled people who wish to work but can’t.

HL: Ugh! Another Monday morning at the office.

SHL: Disabled people wish they’d have a job where they could complain about this. Try to Shift + Lives and find solutions that can help people with autism, Down syndrome, schizophrenia or sight deficiencies to work!

Other employee „dramas” that were used to persuade engineers were the subway crowds and the water cooler being too far from their desk.