Mr. Frank

The Coffee Shop is a Bucharest-based coffee shop chain founded in 2007, currently with 6 central locations around town. The chain became successful and started to explore together with the idea of launching a franchise system of the Coffee Shop recipe: with its own roastery, diverse coffee blends from all over the world and appealing prices. It works excellently both for drink in or takeaways and is a go-to place for buying all things coffee, from coffee presses, blends or mugs. Luckily enough, The Coffee Shop noticed that its desired target for buying the franchise matched a good chunk of its loyal visitors. Young Romanian entrepreneurs, well-attached to their passions, among which one can also find speciality coffee.

We created an unique in-store campaign for communicating the franchise: from requirements, perks and advice.

Behold: Coffee with a coffee shop / Cafea cu cafenea.

There are several ways people take their coffee: with sugar, with an extra shot of milk, decaff, and everybody is loyal to their favourite. What they haven’t found out yet is that there’s a new type they can order at The Coffee Shop: coffee with a coffee shop. They come for a coffee and they go home with a business.

So let us introduce you to Mr. Frank – Phd. in Franchise, the star of the campaign.

Accompanying all mediums one can find in-store, Mr. Frank was designed to teach coffee aficionados his Coffee Shop franchise know-how and business insights.