Seasonally, our digital client, NEPI, a leading property investment and development group in Eastern and Central Europe, with 16 shopping centres in Romania, launches a campaign aimed at keeping users engaged on the websites of selected malls in its portofolio. As this is the most fun our agency can have while playing with game design, we struck gold again this spring.


Shopping centres are the urban destination of retreat and relaxation, especially during summer when the heatwave strikes.


The mall is one of the best summer destinations. So what if… we created an online version of the shopping mall, an oasis, cool and fresh, filled with good vibes and surprises?

Enter Island Of Wishes

A place where you can experience summer at its finest, while taking shelter from all the pests of the seasons: heatwaves, storms and summer rain. The aim of the game is for the user to enter Island Of Wishes, a summer rendition of the shopping mall. Inside, the user has to catch as many polka dots (translated into points), make sure they interact with the power-ups (beach ball, a slice of watermelon, and flip-flops) and run away from the dangers: heatwaves, storms and summer rain. The one who scores the highest number of points wins. The users with the highest scores won weekly prizes given by each centre, like: tablets, makeup vouchers, flights or other summer gear. Visually, the pages of the game contained a walk-through, the actual game, a leaderboard and the winners list. The design was inspired by everything summer, decorated with leaves and curacao blue waters. The game was implemented on 7 different websites for various shopping centres: Mega Mall București, City Park Mall, Shopping City Galați, Shopping City Timișoara, Shopping City Deva, Aurora Shopping Mall, Ploiești ShoppingCity.

The objectives we managed to achieve and surpass are: raising the traffic on the websites, raising the time spent on the websites, a bigger user return rate.

The campaign lasted for 6 weeks and is now over, but you can still experience the game first hand here. Give it a go!