Just the naked-truth

In a world full of corruption and fake news, brands need to step forward and make their voice heard. Especially if they own the voice of normality.

This is what our friend and client Europa FM did. Through its news section called Verificat de Europa FM (Checked by Europa FM), the journalists investigate if the affirmations made by politicians are really true. Then, they give their final statement classifying them as being fake, partial fake, true or partially true. Everything based on proofs. And many times they proved that many of these affirmations are exaggerated according to some „interests”.

This was the starting point for our campaign: Verificat de Europa FM corrects until remains only the truth.

We illustrated the results of the investigation through interventions made on some statements made by politicians. We corrected them until there was nothing more than the truth. After these interventions, reports numbers weren’t multiplied, highways weren’t longer than yesterday and people payments weren’t raised overnight. Actually, it was quite the opposite.

After these interventions, we sent the naked-truth on the street of Social Media. To be seen by the rest of the world without its „exaggeration clothes”.