The pandemic changed the lifestyle of millions of Romanians who had to work at home, close to their families. Electrica Furnizare, the leader of the energy service sector in Romania with more than a century of existence, wanted to launch a campaign for their natural gases offer (3 products: Gaz Mobil, Gaz Stabil and Electrica Gaz 3în1) which reflects this recent shift and the importance of having a trusted partner during these difficult times.



During a trying period, your house is the thing that keeps you balanced and gives you comfort.


If your home keeps you grounded, offer ”her” the natural gases it needs from a stable and trustful provider: Electrica Furnizare SA, the no. 1 on the Romanian market. Depending on what your home requires, you can choose the product which is most compatible with, be it Gaz Mobil, Gaz Stabil or Electrica Gaz 3în1.