Be active at any age

In Romania, the overall workforce of today is more than insufficient compared to the retired population, while the trend indicates the situation will worsen, to the extent that one adult will support 10-15 pensioners in the future.
However, the pensioners are too often seniors of over 55 who retired early or were forced into redundancy, even though they still have the power and qualifications to work. As much as 40% of those over 55 are not formally working.

Expanding Romanian workforce from within, by using the seniors as a valuable talent & work pool.

Creative Idea
The tragicomic dramatization of the lack of representative social models for nowadays’ children, on one hand, and the tragicomic dramatization of the seniors’ unfulfilled desire to work, on the other hand. The creative concepts needed to be clear, to engage and liaise with the target in an apparently humorous manner, so that they wouldn’t be perceived as an affront, and, hence, dismissed.