The ecological initiative that fights plastic abuse, ASAP, became popular at a fast pace, being helped on one side by engaging in partnerships with KOLs.

It started by grabbing attention on the issue, continued by getting people enrolled in the movement and reached its highlight with the ASAP Petition. The latest fights for a nationwide waste collection system, on which you can find out more here.



Strengthen the brand’s image by giving it even more weight.


Partner up with and celebrate brands that change the fate of plastic use and thus take a stand for the environment.

The first brand with whom we partnered is H&M due to its new platform, called ‘Innovation Stories’, that pushes forward sustainability-focused clothing lines and promotes circular fashion.

The initiative showcases innovation and sustainable materials without leaving the design behind. The first collection, dubbed ‘Science Story’, pays tribute to brilliant minds that came up with plant-based materials such as EVO by Fulgar®️and Desserto.

By stating that ‘H&M is ASAP’, we build up in two directions: testify ASAP as the initiative that fights plastic and recognize H&M as one of the companies that are courageous enough to take the lead in this fight.


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