1st of March: “Mărțișor”


In a digitalised world, we wanted to leave our physical mark on this year’s 1st of March “mărțișor”. And how better to do that if not using what is in our agency DNA: creation & artistic vision. Our agency team is hybrid and all of its members have at least two different skills, nevertheless everyone is passionate about fashion and puts a lot of focus on design, either it is in clothes, advertising products for clients, office decorations, jewelry, cartoons, architecture etc.

Rusu+Borțun T-shirt collection will be one of the first projects of this nature as we are encouraging the people in the agency to express their creativity in all the ways they feel and that is relevant also for the rest of us. Each Tshirt is an expression of each team member own individuality, it is a form of freedom. This is why all Tshirts have different styles.

The Tshirts were sent out to the agency circle of clients, collaborators, friends and team members, however everyone interested can order them for purchase. The profit made for each Tshirt will be donated to a cause related to the creative industries in Bucharest & Romania and will be made public every time on the agency’s Social Media accounts.

Check out here the gallery with all Tshirt designs:

(disclaimer: the people in the pictures are models, it’s not us)


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