Sissi – when princesses receive the appreciation they deserve

Sissi – when princesses receive the appreciation they deserve

Sissi is the ham brand in the portfolio of the cold meats producer Caroli Foods Group, recently awarded The Most Powerful Brand for the Meat sector at Premiile Piata 2016.

Starting with October 2016, Sissi now has 10 low-fat products in their portfolio, carefully chosen from the best meats and ideal for the entire family. Sissi updated its fine ham recipe, launched new products, revamped the packaging and wanted the world to know about it.

The best way to announce these exciting changes: through a royal TV commercial.

Our Starting Point
With gender roles blurring and many women working sometimes even more than their partners, men are inevitably more involved in house chores. This doesn’t mean true household equity, but brands must change their ways, as men do more household shopping and take on more routine domestic chores.

Changing this perspective, we will put forward the ambitious women, the main Sissi buyer, who are admired and appreciated by the men on their side. We will also talk to the men who don’t hesitate to prepare their wives a sandwich or to cook dinner.

Sissi’s brand mantra will be dictated by this paradigm according to which the woman’s image has evolved, keeping up with the society’s dynamic.

The clip shows the story of Princess Sissi, the inspirational symbol of the brand. Sissi was a forward-thinking princess, well-read and outspoken. Not many people know that she preserved her renowned beauty by being extra careful about her diet and had gyms installed in every royal manor.

The TVC takes places in a lavish atmosphere, at the court, where we get to peak in the lives of Sissi and Franz Joseph. The prince is aware of the wonderful woman by his side and wants to show his appreciation towards Sissi and her culinary preferences with a delicate meal, light and delicious. The reinvented recipe of Sissi ham, now with only 1,5% fat, is an ideal choice for a princess who takes excellent care of her figure.

You can read more about the refined recipe, approved by a nutritional expert and created out of appreciation for women right here.

Stay tuned, as there’s more stories of appreciation to unveil. Until then, bon appétit!


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