Say hello to Mr. Frank, The Coffee Shop franchise expert

Say hello to Mr. Frank, The Coffee Shop franchise expert

After proudly bearing the nickname of Little Paris for several decades, Bucharest was hit by the speciality coffee some years ago and now is undoubtedly in full bloom.

The Coffee Shop is a Bucharest-based coffee shop chain founded in 2007, currently with 6 central locations around town. The chain became successful and started to explore together with the idea of launching a franchise system of the Coffee Shop recipe: with its own roastery, diverse coffee blends from all over the world and appealing prices. It works excellently both for drink in or takeaways and is a go-to place for buying all things coffee, from coffee presses, blends or mugs.

Luckily enough, The Coffee Shop noticed that its desired target for buying the franchise matched a good chunk of its loyal visitors. Young Romanian entrepreneurs, well-attached to their passions, among which one can also find speciality coffee.

What we did

We created an unique in-store campaign for communicating the franchise: from requirements, perks and advice.

Behold: Coffee with a coffee shop / Cafea cu cafenea.

There are several ways people take their coffee: with sugar, with an extra shot of milk, decaff, and everybody is loyal to their favourite. What they haven’t found out yet is that there’s a new type they can order at The Coffee Shop: coffee with a coffee shop. They come for a coffee and they go home with a business.

So let us introduce you to Mr. Frank – Phd. in Franchise, the star of the campaign.

Accompanying all mediums one can find in-store, Mr. Frank was designed to teach coffee aficionados his Coffee Shop franchise know-how and business insights.

The coffee cups

The cream of the crop of any cafe, Mr. Frank is present on all coffee cups during the length of the campaign. Now, the coffee cups come in 3 different types and colours through which Mr. Frank sends three types of info: advantages, tips and testimonials.Pahare_rotitoare (1)Mr. Frank’s advantage

The average profit in a coffee business is 40% of the sales revenue.

For more advantages enter:

Mr. Frank’s piece of advice

If you use the services of local distributors, the delivery costs are lower.

Mr. Frank’s saying

When I was just a humble espresso, I never dreamed of such a business.

Today, almost 1000 customers visit me each day.

The posters

Inside the 6 Coffee Shops in Bucharest you can easily notice the posters with the navy version of Mr. Frank, looking his most dapper.

TCS_poster_700x1000 bleed5-01

The copy reads: Every coffee shop starts with a coffee.

The pins

All the baristas preparing yummy blends in The Coffee Shop will now wear wooden pins which directly address the shoppers.

Cafea cu cafenea_insigna-01

The copy says: Would you like a coffee with a coffee shop?

The business cards

Similarly, the franchise consultant of The Coffee Shop received a custom-made business card.

Cafea cu cafenea_carti_vizita-01

We’re positive Mr.Frank will swoon all coffee lovers with his charm and wit right away.

The campaign is out now and you can meet up with Mr. Frank and find out all the franchise details in any of the 6 Coffee Shops in Bucharest: Academiei (BCU), Mendeleev (Amzei), Mosilor, Baniei (Sf. Gheorghe), Vladoianu, Ion Mihalache.

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