How we thanked the helpers of the NGO sector for the 15th edition of Gala Societății Civile

How we thanked the helpers of the NGO sector for the 15th edition of Gala Societății Civile

Gala Societatii Civile, an organization which supports, grows and promotes the NGO sector in Romania celebrated their 15th anniversary. As always, the high point of their day to day activity is the annual impressive event in which they award the work of NGOs. And we had to find a concept good enough to mark this important milestone.

The concept

We wanted to bring forward the unknown people who worked hard and without whom the event wouldn’t have been possible: the people of NGOs.

The idea

15 years of thanks to those who do great.


De 15 ani mulțumim cui trebuie. / For 15 years, we’ve been saying thanks to those who deserve it. 

Print, OOH & Online

We decided to create custom isometric illustrations for each person and cause. The messages addresses directly the person involved, thanks them for a small, personal good deed and then for the civic action in which they were involved. Accordingly, the illustration is of the word MULȚUMIM (Thank You) decorated with details inspired from the cause the person worked on.

These are the finished illustrations, used: in OOH, print, online and social media.


Iarina Stefănescu, THANK YOU for wiggling the tambourine during the protests.

And for befriending thousands of volunteers with thousands of kids in foster care.


Carmen Uscatu & Oana Gheorghiu, THANK YOU for volunteering at the polls in Teleorman.

And for modernising the labs which discover leukaemia at molecular level.

Octavia Brătulescu & Andrei Coșuleanu, THANK YOU for opting for green energy for your work car.

And for cleaning up the Danube banks in 12 counties.


Cristina Ionescu, THANK YOU for planting trees.

And for offering stationery to hundreds of children from the rural areas. 


Dan Patzelt, THANK YOU for recycling selectively. 

And for helping thousands of people with visual impairments to appreciate the art in Romanian museums.

The gala

The main award was won by Asociația Dăruiește Aripi for building the oncology-haematology and paediatric rheumatology wing for the Hospital of Constanța.

Check out their happy faces here:

You can check out here the full list of winners.

This was not just an event-centric campaign, but we want for the thanks to go year-long. So, please follow Gala Societatii Civile on Facebook and join their tag. Say thanks to those from NGOs who make Romania a better place.



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