2017 Trend Forecast: Sunny with a chance of applicable

2017 Trend Forecast: Sunny with a chance of applicable

We, at Rusu+Borțun, wanted to start the year fresh and pumped so we took a look at the current trends in the advertising sphere. Our selection of 5 trends was handpicked by our 3 newly appointed members of ADC Romania (Mihaela Neațu – Group Creative Director, Mircea Crăciun – Group Creative Director and Marc Borțun – Creative Partner) and our very own Alina Buzatu – Head of Strategy.

1. TREND: CO-SHOPPING via Forbes

Coshopping-A-smart-way-to-do-a-collaborative-and-friendly-ecommerce-shopping-021-798x350Image source: Royal Cyber

WHY (Marc): Because it’s correct, helpful, smart.

WHY (Mihaela): It’s the industry’s chance to get rid of promotions, at least partially. It’s the elegant, personalised option, which respects the choices of the consumer and builds a relationship with the brand. Added benefit: it leaves room for creativity. I understand it in 3 forms:

  • one brand vs. a group: from Facebook to nowadays, we reinterpret the group: family, friends, associations based on interests. So one brand can propose group offers, with transferable discounts etc.
  • associated brands vs. human (co-shopping with offers): you like drinking wine, we’ll send you cheese offers.
  • any combination of the two from above.

2. TREND: DYNAMIC AGEING via Trendhunter


Image source: HomeAide Home Care

WHY (Mihaela): In Romania, it will be a revelation. It would be our chance to put something else instead of false election promises on the list of the saviours of pensioners. Generally, I think it is a very humane trend which looks at a real and large-scaled problem: if in the past the elders used to live in the same houses as their children – they had a part to play in young families; today they are put aside, without resources and emotional attachments (we just phone them every now and then – which doesn’t satisfy the family need). The fact that brands can become intermediaries in between two generations (just like in this campaign where Brazilian youth learned English by speaking to America’s elders) is the bright side of marketing and advertising.

WHY (Crăciun): For them, you can only hear brands shouting “pension”, either through TVCs, OOH ads or maybe experiential ones. But these people don’t live only for the pension. It’s time we hear other stories tailored for them, too.


Image source: Inhabitat

WHY (Mihaela): My choice is based on the fact that I travelled a lot by train (during my university years) and it never felt quite like the movies. I think it’s an opportunity to solve both frustrations based on our railroad experiences, and moreover, and the unfulfillment related to its statute: few people had the chance to travel with a comfortable train, or even with a luxury one. Now they would have a chance. What is more, it establishes a longer, step by step  relation, when everything is moving so fast and time became a privilege. It’s an experience full of benefits.

4. TREND: CROSSOVER CASING via Trendhunter

Image source: Trend Hunter

WHY (Crăciun): It’s cool to add another dimension and take your product in a different area; the only care being its suitability. So you don’t wake up and realise you’re being lied to.

5. TREND: CAPACITY CAPTURE via Trendwatching

Image source: Comindware

WHY (Crăciun): I like this one because it’s not only idiotic consumerism, it’s smart, uses the current context – people’s expectations and limited resources. Adapt or die.

WHY (Alina): Because the limitation of resources and their bad usage have long surpassed their theoretical form: we see it when we take out the trash, because only then we notice the piles of metal abandoned at the edge of the city or when we observe how little imagination is necessary to transform some busses in night shelters for homeless people.

Now you know. We can’t wait to see the brands which will embrace and cater to these trends.

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